Clinical Service

The inpatient service includes subspecialty beds in the Queen Mary Hospital, and the patients are jointly managed by physicians and surgeons. Consultation services are provided to all departments of the Queen Mary Hospital. The Division is the leading referral centre for gastroenterological and hepatological problems in Hong Kong, and frequently receives consultations from overseas centres.

The outpatient service includes the Medical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Clinic, and the Hepatitis Clinic run by the Division, as well as the Combined Gastrointestinal.Clinic run jointly by physicians and surgeons. These clinics are housed at the Sai Ying Pun Polyclinic. In 1994, the Division treated 458 new cases and 3764 follow-up cases at the Medical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Clinic. The annual number of patients seen in the Hepatitis Clinic increased from 1145 in 1985 to 3162 in 1994. Documented peptic ulcer patients are seen at the Peptic Ulcer Clinic at the Queen Mary Hospital. The annual number of patients seen increased from 2175 in 1985 to 2879 in 1994. The Division also runs the Hepatitis Vaccination Clinic, which provides hepatitis B vaccination to the staff of the hospital, undergraduate medical and non-medical students of the University of Hong Kong. Around two to three thousand individuals are vaccinated each year. It also manages the Gastrointestinal Oncology Clinic and the Motility Clinic, the latter targetting specifically patients with various gastrointestinal motility disorders, which represent the commonest complaints in medicine.

At present, the Endoscopy Unit includes two endoscopy suites, one mainly for oesophagogastroduodenoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy, and the other specially designed for Diagnostic and Therapeutic ERCP. It is equipped with the most up-to-date endoscopic equipment, a YAG laser machine for endoscopic laser therapy, electrohydrolic lithrotripter, multipolar electrocoagulator, heater probe, endoscopic ultrsound machine, and other accessories to deal with all aspects of endoscopic procedures known today. In 1994, we performed 4345 diagnostic and therapeutic upper endoscopy, 601 diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy, 225 diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP and 47 endoscopic laser therapy.

The Division also provides abdominal ultrasonography for routine and emergency examination of the hepatobiliary system, including ultrasound-guided therapeutic procedures. About 200 such procedures are performed each year. The ultrasound service is recently enhanced by the installation of a state-of-the-art endoscopic ultrasound machine, which is now an established tool for the assessment of gastrointestinal malignancy.

The Division offers the following special investigations in the Simon KY Lee Digestive Disease Laboratory which was established in June 1995:

Gastrointestinal Motility Studies including 24 hour esophageal pH study, 24 hour esophageal manometry study, stationary esophageal manometry study, anorectal manometry study, radio-opaque marker colonic transit study, simultaneous UES manometry and fluoroscopy study and electrogastrography study.

Gastric Physiological Studies including gastric acid measurements, and serum gastrin, pepsinogens, somatostatin and EGF assays. Carbon-14 breath test and rapid urease test for detecting Helicobacter pylori was introduced in 1989. Recently, a Carbon-13 Mass Spectrometer has become available for 13C-breath test to detect Helicobacter pylori. This non-radioactive, highly accurate investigation is the first of its kind that has been established in Asia.

Specialist Outpatient Clinics

The Specialist Outpatient Clinic at Queen Mary Hospital only accepts appointments (with referral letters) for patients in the catchman area of the Hong Kong West Cluster. Non-HK residents will be charged appropriate fees set by the Hospital. There are NO walk-in service available, all cases are by appointment only

Clinic Day Time Location
Gastrointestinal Monday 2:00 p.m. S7-QMH
Motility Monday 2:00 p.m. S7-QMH
GI Oncology Tuesday 9:00a.m. S6-QMH
Hepatitis - 2 Tuesday 2:00p.m. S7-QMH
Hepatitis - 1 Wednesday 9:00 a.m. S7-QMH
Ulcer Wednesday 2:00 p.m. S7-QMH
General/GI Wednesday 2:00 p.m. C1-QMH*
Hepatology BMT Clinic Thursday 9:00 a.m. S7-QMH

*C1 - for goverment servants & Hospital Authority staff only