Dear colleagues,

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that the Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Hong Kong (EDMHK) 2nd Annual Meeting will be held on 26th – 27th October 2019 at Hong Kong Convention Centre. The conference is jointly organized by the University of Hong Kong and Queen Mary Hospital. With a steep increase in the prevalence of, not only diabetes, but also other endocrine disorders such as obesity, osteoporosis and metabolic diseases both locally and globally, the EDMHK aims to provide the best platform for practicing clinicians to share with each other the most updated and comprehensive knowledge on these diseases. The meeting will encourage exchange of ideas and practical experience for better understanding and management of these conditions through lectures and illustrative cases sharing. On behalf of the organizing committee, I welcome you all to join us to join this very important conference.

Kathryn CB Tan
Chief, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Organizing Committee
Dr YC Woo
Dr Paul CH Lee

Prof Karen SL Lam
Prof Kathryn CB Tan
Dr WS Chow
Dr TP Ip
Dr Joanne KY Lam
Dr Johnny YC Chang
Dr Alan CH Lee
Dr Eunice KH Leung
Dr David TW Lui
Dr Chariene SL Woo
Ms SK Leung
Ms Connie HN Loong
Ms Karen KC Wong
Ms Amy SW Yee

Conference Information
Entry Requirement
Open to all local / overseas general practitioners or specialists and healthcare providers with active involvement in management of endocrine disorders.

Time and Venue
26th October 2019 (Saturday) 11:00 to 18:00
27th October 2019 (Sunday) 09:00 to 17:00
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
S421-430, Level 4, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Address: 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong (Harbour Road Entrance)

Certificate of attendance will be awarded to participants and relevant CME and CNE points will be accredited.

EDMHK Conference Secretariat
c/o Talent Consultant

Email: edmhk@talent-links.com
Tel: 9257-8453

26 October 2019 (Sat) S421-430 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Public Lectures
1100 – 1130
Public Lecture 1: Osteoporosis
Chairperson: Ms Winnie MW Cheng, NC KCC,QEH
Speakers: Dr Joanne KY Lam, QMH Med; Ms Connie HN Loong, QMH Med
1130 – 1200
Public Lecture 2: Metabolic Syndrome
Chairperson: Ms Veronica SC Hung, NC NTEC/TMH
Speakers: Dr Tellus MY Ng, TMH Med; Ms SK Leung, QMH Med
1200 – 1230
Public Lecture 3: Glucose Monitoring
Chairperson: Ms Maisy PH Mok, NC KEC, UCH
Speakers: Dr Nicole SM Chau, PMH Med; Ms Karen KC Wong, QMH Med
1315 – 1330
Plenary Lecture I (Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim)
Chairperson: Dr John TC Ma
1330 – 1410
Driving the Shift of T2DM Paradigm: Role of SGLT2 Inhibitor beyond Glucose Control
Prof Richard Gilbert, University of Toronto
Plenary Lecture II
Chairperson: Prof Karen SL Lam
1410 – 1450
Primary Hyperparathyoidism
Prof John Bilezikian, Columbia University
1450 – 1520
Tea Break (Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim)
Symposium 1A: Endocrine HT
Chairperson: Dr KP Lau, Dr CC Tsang
Symposium 1B: Endocrine workshop
Chairpersons: Dr YW Ng, Dr CK Yeung
1520 – 1550
Primary Aldosteronism – the Overlooked Villain
Dr Alan CH Lee, QMH Med
Thyroid Ultrasound
Dr KP Wong, QMH Surg
1550 – 1620
Update in Phaeochromocytoma and Paraganglioma
Dr Ingrid YF Mak, QEH Med
Fatty Liver: Fibroscan (Sponsored by Chong Lap)
Dr Paul CH Lee, HKU Med
Plenary Lecture III (Sponsored by Merck Sharp & Dohme)
Chairperson: Dr WS Chow
1620 – 1700
Ertugliflozin - A Newly Emerging SGLT2 Inhibitor for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
Dr Joanne KY Lam, QMH Med
Symposium 2A: Paediatrics
Chairpersons: Dr Antony CC Fu & Dr Shirley MY Wong
Symposium 2B: Meet the Expert
Chairpersons: Dr Jenny YY Leung, Dr Vincent TF Yeung
1700 – 1730
Short stature
Dr Sammy WC Wong, AHNH Paedi & Ad
Controversies in Vitamin D
Prof John Bilezikian, Columbia University
1730 – 1800
Precocious Puberty
Dr HC Yau, PWH Paedi & Ad
Making Friends With Statistics
Dr Aloysius CH Choi, QEH Med

27 October 2019 (Sun) S421-430 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition
0845 – 0900
Symposium 3A: CV Risk Factors
Chairpersons: Dr Grace YW Kam, Prof Alice PS Kong
Symposium 3B: Pregnancy
Chairpersons: Prof Terence TH Lao, Dr KF Lee
0900 – 0930
Metabolically Healthy Obesity: A myth?
Dr Michele MA Yuen, HKU Med
Thyroid disorders in Pregnancy
Dr Annette WK Tso, HKU Med
0930 – 1000
Approach to Statin intolerance
Prof Brian Tomlinson, CUHK, Med
Gestational Diabetes
Dr WS Chow, QMH Med
Plenary Lecture IV (Sponsored by Eli Lilly)
Chairperson: Prof Rosie TT Young
1000 – 1040
What's Next after Oral Anti-diabetic Medications - A User-friendly Option?
Dr Peter CY Tong, Endocrinologist
1040 – 1110
Tea Break (Sponsored by Eli Lilly)
Plenary Lecture V (Sponsored by AstraZeneca)
Chairperson: Dr Alice LS Wong
1110 – 1150
Declaring the New Chapters of SGLT2 in Renal Perspective
Dr Philip McFarlane, University of Toronto
Symposium 4A: NET
Chairpersons: Dr Victor HF Hung, Dr S C Tiu
Symposium 4B: Thyroid & Osteoporosis
Chairpersons: Dr Emmy YF Lau, Prof Annie WC Kung
1150 – 1220
Medical Management of Neuroendocrine Tumours
Dr Roland CY Leung, QMH Med
Thyroid nodule: Solving the Dilemma
Prof Anil Ahuja, CUHK Radiology
1220 – 1250
Radiotherapy for Pituitary Tumours
Dr Victor HF Lee, QMH R&O
Bone Fragility in Chronic Kidney Disease
Dr Andrew YY Ho, TMH Med
Lunch Symposium (Sponsored by NovoNordisk)
Chairperson: Prof Kathryn CB Tan
1310 – 1350
Confronting Barriers to Glycemic Control with emerging combo of Insulin and GLP-RA
Dr Beat Schmid, Canton Hospital Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Plenary Lecture VI (Sponsored by Sanofi)
Chairperson: Dr. YC Woo
1350 – 1430
Casting New Light on New Generation of Basal Insulin: A Spotlight on the BRIGHT Study
Dr Alice Cheng, University of Toronto, Med
1430 – 1500
Tea Break (Sponsored by Sanofi)
Symposium 5A: Therapeutics
Chairpersons: Dr KW Chan & Dr Risa Ozaki
Symposium 5B: Diagnostics
Chairpersons: Prof Sidney Tam & Dr CY Yeung
1500 – 1530
HRT: Benefits and Risks
Dr Sofie SF Yung, QMH O&G
Genetics of Endocrine Disorder
Dr Eric CY Law, QMH Path
1530 – 1600
New Insights In GIOP – Prevention And Management
Dr Carmen TK Ho, QMH Med
Assessments of HPA axis: Are our assays good enough?
Dr Anthony CC Shek, QEH Path
Endocrine Forum
Moderators: Dr Johnny YC Chang, Dr Chariene SL Woo
1600 – 1700
Dr Raymond Hue, PYNEH Med; Dr TP Ip, TWH Med;
Dr June KY Li, YCH Med; Dr YC Woo, QMH Med

* Programme is subject to change without prior notice
(Last Updated on 9 Sept 2019)


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