Dear colleagues,

Due to on-going concerns about the current COVID-19 outbreak, please be informed that the Organizing Committee has decided to convert the Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Hong Kong (EDM HK) 3rd Annual Meeting, scheduled on 17-18 October 2020, to a Virtual format.

A virtual meeting platform and booth exhibition will be provided for all registered participants to learn about the most updated knowledge on endocrine diseases, which include diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid and other metabolic disorders.

Please join our first virtual EDM in October!

Stay healthy and safe!

Dr. Paul CH Lee and Dr. Alan CH Lee
EDM HK 2020

Organizing Committee
Dr. Paul CH Lee
Dr. Alan CH Lee


Prof. Karen SL Lam
Prof. Kathryn CB Tan
Dr. WS Chow
Dr. YC Woo
Dr. TP Ip
Dr. David TW Lui
Dr. Eunice KH Leung
Dr. Johnny YC Chang
Dr. Chariene SL Woo
Ms. Karen KC Wong
Ms. Amy SW Yee
Ms. SK Leung
Ms. Connie HN Loong

Conference Information
Date and Time
17 October 2020 (Saturday): 1000 to 1800
18 October 2020 (Sunday): 0900 to 1700

Virtual Meeting Platform
Login instructions to the Virtual Meeting Platform will be announced closer to the Meeting.

Entry Requirement
Open to all local / overseas general practitioners or specialists, nurses and healthcare providers with active involvement in the management of endocrine disorders.

Certificate of attendance will be awarded to participants and relevant CME and CNE points will be accredited. More detailed information about the accreditation arrangement will be announced soon.

17 October 2020 (Saturday)
Online Public Lecture (Broadcasted via YouTube)
1000 – 1030
Public Lecture 1: Hyperthyroidism in Different Faces / 甲狀腺功能亢進 (甲亢) 多面睇
(Dr Alan CH Lee, QMH Med; Ms Connie HN Loong, QMH Med)
1030 – 1100
Public Lecture 2: Iatrogenic Endocrine Disorders / 藥物與內分泌失調的關係
(Dr Doris YK Chan, POH Med; Ms Veronica Hung, TMH Med)
1100 – 1130
Public Lecture 3: Diabetes Medications / 糖藥糖約
(Dr Raymond Hue, PYNEH Med; Ms Amy SW Yee, QMH Med)
1130 – 1230
Public Lecture 4: Diabetes and Exercise Guidelines - Introduction to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) / 糖尿病與運動工作坊 *(高強度間竭訓練)
(Mr Derek Yeung, Private Practice)
1230 – 1310
Registration Opens
WEBINAR 1(Sponsored by Astra Zeneca)
1320 – 1355
The New Diabetes Paradigm – Looking Beyond Glycaemia
Speaker: Professor Itamar Raz
1355 – 1400
1400 – 1410
Opening Ceremony
WEBINAR 2 (Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim)
1420 – 1455
Envisioning the Breakthrough of SGLT2 Inhibitors: Treating Diabetes Saves the Heart
Speaker: Professor Guntram Schernthaner
1455 – 1500
WEBINAR 3A: The Hidden Clues
WEBINAR 3B: Osteoporosis
1500 – 1525
Acromegaly: Any Update?
Speaker: Dr PY Wu
Sweet and Brittle: Bone Fragility in Diabetes
Speaker: Dr David Lui
1525 – 1550
Update on Primary Hyperparathyroidism
Speaker: Dr Joanne Lam
Upcoming Anti-Osteoporosis Treatment
Speaker: Dr TP Ip
1550 – 1600
1600 – 1620
Break Time for Virtual Booth Viewing
WEBINAR 4 (Sponsored by Merck Sharp & Dohme)
1620 – 1655
The Lower the Better? Evolving Concepts of Dyslipidemia, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
Speaker: Dr Michele Yuen
1655 – 1700
WEBINAR 5A: Paediatric Endocrinology
WEBINAR 5B: Meet the Expert
1700 – 1725
Paediatric Osteoporosis
Speaker: Dr Joanna Tung
Thyrotropin Receptor Antibodies
Speaker: Professor George Kahaly
1725 – 1750
Big Children are NOT Small Adults
Speaker: Dr Elaine Kwan
1750 – 1755
1755 – 1800

18 October 2020 (Sunday)
0820 – 0900
Registration Opens
WEBINAR 6A: Atypical Diabetes
WEBINAR 6B: Thyroid
0900 – 0925
MODY: From Molecular Basis to Clinical Management
Speaker: Dr Shirley Cheng
Managing Thyroid Cancers – Updates and Future Advances
Speaker: Professor Brian Lang
0925 – 0950
Latent Autoimmune Diabetes
Speaker: Dr Andrea Luk
Radioactive Iodine: Thyrotoxicosis and Thyroid Cancer
Speaker: Dr Wendy Chan
0950 – 1000
WEBINAR 7 (Sponsored by Eli Lilly)
1010 – 1045
Intensify Treatment in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Once Weekly GLP-1 Receptor Agonist
Speaker: Dr Andrew Ho
1045 – 1050
1050 – 1100
Break Time for Virtual Booth Viewing
WEBINAR 8A: Multidisciplinary Care in Endocrine Disorders
WEBINAR 8B: Pituitary
1100 – 1125
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Speaker: Dr Sofie Yung
Sellar & Suprasellar Tumor for Endocrinologists
Speaker: Dr Raymond Lee
1125 – 1150
Dermatoses in Endocrinology
Speaker: Dr Mandy Chan
Pituitary Surgery for Endocrinologists: a Contemporary Perspective
Speaker: Professor Gilberto Leung
1150 – 1200
1200 – 1230
Break Time for Virtual Booth Viewing
WEBINAR 9 (Sponsored by Sanofi)
1240 – 1315
Role of fixed ratio combination of basal insulin and GLP-1 RA in type 2 diabetes management
Speaker: Dr WS Chow
1315 – 1320
1320 – 1355
Graves' Orbitopathy: From Bench to Bedside
Speaker: Professor George Kahaly
1355 – 1400
WEBINAR 11 (Sponsored by Novo Nordisk)
1410 – 1445
Realise the Potential of the New GLP-1 RA in DM Treatment
Speaker: Professor Thomas Pieber
1445 – 1450
1450 – 1500
Break Time for Virtual Booth Viewing
WEBINAR 12 (Sponsored by Bayer)
1500 - 1535
Addressing the Unmet Need in Diabetes: Role of Antithrombotic Therapy
Speaker: Dr Godwin Leung
1535 – 1540
WEBINAR 13A: Endocrine Workshop
WEBINAR 13B: Inherited vs. Acquired Disorders
1540 – 1605
Bone Health Assessments
Speaker: Dr Eunice Leung
Inherited Lipid Disorders
Speaker: Professor Kathryn Tan
1605 – 1630
Dynamic Tests in Endocrinology
Speaker: Dr CH Choi
Endocrine Disruptors
Speaker: Professor Chris Wong
1630 – 1640
1640 – 1720
WEBINAR 14: Endocrine & Cancer Case Discussions
Panelists: Dr. Michele Yuen, Dr. Ingrid Mak & Dr. Joanne Chiu
Moderators: Dr. Johnny Chang & Dr. Chariene Woo

*Program is subject to change without prior notice (Last Updated on 23 September 2020

Registration fee
Doctor: HK$1,800
Nurse / Allied Health Professional / Others: HK$900

All registration fees paid are non-refundable.
Registration deadline has been extended to 9 October 2020.

Method of Payment:

By Cheque: payable to “The University of Hong Kong” and post to the EDM HK 2020 Conference Secretariat, Unit C-D, 17/F, Max Share Centre, 373 King’s Road, North Point, Hong Kong
By Credit Card: to be charged during the online registration process

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