Dr LAU Kui Kai, Gary

Dr Gary Lau

Clinical Assistant Professor

  • MBBS (HK), MRes (Med) (HK), MRCP (UK), DPhil (Oxon), AFHEA (UK), FHKCP, FHKAM (Medicine), FRCP (Edin, Glasg), FESO

Dr Gary Kui Kai Lau graduated in 2008 from the University of Hong Kong with a MBBS and Master of Research in Cardiovascular Medicine degree. He joined the Division of Neurology, University of Hong Kong as Clinical Assistant Professor in 2011 under the prestigious Young Academic Scheme. He completed his Neurology training at Queen Mary Hospital in 2015 and subsequently received a PhD in Clinical Neurosciences (Stroke medicine) in 2018 (University of Oxford Croucher Scholar) at The Centre for Prevention of Stroke and Dementia, University of Oxford, under the mentorship of Professor Peter Rothwell. 

Dr Lau is a clinician-scientist with a strong focus in stroke and cerebral small vessel disease research. He has published ~90 research articles or book chapters relating to stroke, including in reputable journals such as Lancet Neurology, European Heart Journal, Neurology and Stroke. He currently leads the Stroke Research and Prevention Group (stroke.hku.hk), is the Convenor of the Hong Kong Stroke Consortium and is the Principal Investigator / Co-Principal Investigator of four prospective stroke registries in different regions of Hong Kong. He helped pioneer the WeRISE programme (we-rise.hku.hk), which aims to empower stroke patients and their caregivers via a variety of interventions. This programme has been widely advocated across Hong Kong and is currently recommended by the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong.

Dr Lau is a recognised regional leader in stroke and is a Founding Steering Committee Member of the Microbleeds International Collaborative Network (MICON), Steering Committee Member and Country Lead of the International Multicentre Patent Foramen Ovale and Stroke registry (IMPROVE) and Founding Committee Member of the Neuropsychiatric Diseases Global Epidemiology Network (NeuroGEN). He is a Director of the Hong Kong Stroke Fund, Council Member of the Hong Kong Stroke Society, and currently serves as an Honorary Advisor for the Hong Kong Stroke Association and Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation.

Dr Lau has also made substantial contributions to teaching and learning, in particular relating to innovative pedagogies in eLearning. He is currently the Co-Director of the MBBS Enrichment Year programme for medical students, HKU; Founding Editor of the HKU eLearning Platform in Clinical Neurosciences and was the Chief Coordinator of the HKU eLearning Platform in Clinical Medicine.

In recognition of his clinical, research and teaching excellence, Dr Lau has been awarded the Distinguished Research Paper Award, Hong Kong College of Physicians; Hong Kong West Cluster Outstanding Team Award for Comprehensive Acute Stroke Service; Faculty Teaching Medal and British Medical Association Medical Book Award.

Selected Publications
  1. Lau KK, Li L, Schulz U, Simoni M, Chan KH, Ho SL, Cheung RTF, Kuker W, Mak HKF, Rothwell PM. Total Small Vessel Disease Score and risk of recurrent stroke – validation in two large cohorts. Neurology 2017; 88: 2260-2267 (Impact factor 8.689)
  2. Lau KK, Lovelock CE, Li L, Simoni M, Gutnikov S, Kuker W, Mak HKF, Rothwell PM. Antiplatelet treatment after TIA and ischaemic stroke in patients with cerebral microbleeds in two large cohorts and an updated systematic review. Stroke 2018; 40(6):1434-1442. (Impact factor 6.046)
  3. Lau KK, Li L, Simoni M, Mehta Z, Kuker W, Rothwell PM. Long-term premorbid blood pressure and cerebral small vessel disease burden on imaging in TIA and ischaemic stroke: population-based study. Stroke 2018; 49(9): 2053-2060 (Impact factor 6.046)
  4. Lau KK, Li L, Lovelock CE, Zamboni G, Chan TT, Chiang MF, Lo KT, Kuker W, Mak HKF, Rothwell PM. Clinical correlates, ethnic differences and prognostic implications of perivascular spaces in TIA and ischaemic stroke. Stroke 2017; 48:1470-1477 (Impact factor 6.046)
  5. Lau KK, Wong YK, Teo KC, Chang RSK, Tse MY, Hoi CP, Chan CY, Chan OL, Cheung RHK, Wong EKM, Kwan JSK, Hui ES, Mak HKF. Long-term prognostic implications of cerebral microbleeds in Chinese with ischaemic stroke. Journal of American Heart Association 2017; 7;6(12). pii: e007360 (Impact factor 4.45)
  6. Lau KK, Wong YK, Chan YH, Teo KC, Chan KH, Li LSW, Cheung RTF, Siu CW, Ho SL and Tse HF. Visit-to-visit blood pressure variability as a prognostic marker in patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases – relationships and comparisons with vascular markers of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis 2014; 235(1): 230-5 (Impact factor: 4.255)
  7. Lau KK, Wong YK, Chang RSK, Teo KC, Hon SFK, Chan KH, Wat KL, Cheung RTF, Li LSW, Siu CW, Ho SL and Tse HF. Visit-to-visit systolic blood pressure variability predicts all-cause and cardiovascular mortality after lacunar infarct. European Journal of Neurology 2014; 21(2): 319-25 (Impact factor 4.387)
  8. Lau KK, Wong YK, Chan YH, Li Oi, Chan KH, Lee P, Yuen P, Wong YK, Tong S, Wong D, Cheung RTF, Siu CW, Ho SL, Tse HF. Mediterranean-style diet is associated with reduced blood pressure variability and subsequent stroke risk in patients with coronary artery disease. American Journal of Hypertension 2015; 28(4): 501-507 (Impact factor 2.530)
  9. Lau KK, Wong YK, Teo KC, Chang RSK, Chan KH, Hon SFK, Wat KL, Cheung RTF, Li LSW, Siu CW and Tse HF. Long-term prognostic implications of visit-to-visit blood pressure variability in patients with ischemic stroke. American Journal of Hypertension 2014; 27(12): 1486-94 (Impact factor 2.530)
  10. Lau KK, Wong YK, Chan YH, Yiu KH, Teo KC, Li LS, Ho SL, Chan KH, Siu CW and Tse HF. Prognostic implications of surrogate markers of atherosclerosis in low to intermediate risk patients with type 2 diabetes. Cardiovascular Diabetology 2012; 11: 101 (Impact factor 5.948)

  • British Medical Association Medical Book Award 2019 (highly commended under the category of ‘Neurology’)
  • Distinguished Research Paper Award for Young Investigators, Hong Kong College of Physicians, 2017 and 2018
  • Hong Kong West Cluster Outstanding Team (Comprehensive Acute Stroke Service), 2018
  • Faculty Teaching Medal, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, HKU, 2014
  • University of Oxford Croucher Scholarship, 2014

Research Profile
  • Health and Medical Research Fund, HK Government Food & Health Bureau, 2019 (PI)
  • Interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange Project Fund, HKU, 2019 (PI)
  • Knowledge Exchange Impact Project Funding, HKU, 2014 (PI)
  • Faculty Development Fund in Development of Medical and Health Sciences Education, HKU, 2013 (PI)
  • Teaching Development Grant, HKU, 2013 (PI)

Books edited
  • Gary KK Lau, Sarah P Pendlebury and Peter M Rothwell. Transient Ischaemic Attack and Stroke: Diagnosis, Investigation and Management (2nd edition). Cambridge University Press 2018 (32 chapters, 502 pages)
  • British Medical Association Medical Book Award 2019 (highly commended under the category of ‘Neurology’)

Key Offices
  • Director, Hong Kong Stroke Fund
  • Council Member, Hong Kong Stroke Society
  • Member, Young Fellow’s Committee, Hong Kong College of Physicians
  • Co-Director of MBBS Enrichment Year Programme, LKS Faculty of Medicine, HKU
  • Member, Faculty Review Board, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong