Like all other professionals, a doctor has an obligation to upkeep the standing of his or her profession. This can be achieved by

  1. continuously improving his or her professional skill,
  2. participating in the learning and teaching processes of continuing medical education, and
  3. engaging in medical research, at least at certain stage of his or her career such as while undergoing postgraduate training. Research runs in the blood of the academics and forms the backbone of the medical profession.

A major path for the Department has been clinical or applied research. Recentyears has seen it moving into basic science research, and rightly so.

The Department also holds an annual research meeting (usually before Chinese New Year) aimed at allowing members of the Department, HKU and the community to find out what each other are doing in terms of research thus fostering collaborations and to give our trainees and students a chance to practice their presentation skills. Please visit the Medical Research Conference (MRC) homepage for further information.

For students wishing to undertake research degrees (eg PhD, MPhil) please refer to the Postgradute page of Teaching and Traning homepage.

Below lists the links for current research interests of Speciality Divisions of theDepartment:-

Another equally important part of research is the documantation and recognition of such research output. For listings of publication and research output by Specality Division/Unit and comprehensive listings by The University of Hong Kong publish annually in Research and Scholarship, please refer to the main publication page of the Department.

Please refer to the Research Services Section, HKU for further information on research at the University of Hong Kong level.