Clinical endocrinology
Karen Lam, Kathryn Tan, WS Chow, YC Woo, Joanne Lam
Advanced glycation end products & diabetic complications
Kathryn Tan, WS Chow, Joanne Lam
Lipoprotein metabolism in diabetes and endocrine disorders
Kathryn Tan, WS Chow, Joanne Lam
The molecular link between obesity, insulin resistance and endothelial dysfunction
A Xu, Kathryn Tan, Karen Lam
Development of new diagnostic tools for risk detection of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes
A Xu, Karen Lam,YC Woo
Clinical Trials and Drug Discovery in osteoporosis, diabetes, dyslipidemia & obesity
Kathryn Tan, WS Chow, A Xu, Karen Lam, YC Woo, Joanne Lam
Genetics of diabetes, obesity & dyslipidemia 
Kathryn Tan, Karen Lam
Epidemiology of diabetes and other obesity-related cardiovascular risk factors
Karen Lam, Kathryn Tan,YC Woo
Fat-derived hormones as mediators of obesity-related medical complications: clinical, basic and translational studies
Karen Lam, A Xu