Professor CHAN Koon Ho

Dr KH Chan

Chief of Neurology
Clinical Associate Professor

  • MD (HK), PhD (HK), MBBS (HK), MRCP (UK), FHKCP, FHKAM (Medicine), FRCP (Glasgow)
K H Chan received his training in internal medicine and neurology in the University Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong. He obtained his fellowship in neurology in 2001 and joined the University of Hong Kong as Clinical Assistant Professor in 2008, and became Clinical Associate Professor in 2013. His recurrent focus on immune-mediated neurological disorders and related neuroimmunology. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an important inflammatory demyelinating disorder of the central nervous system (CNS) with uncertain pathogenesis. Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) cause severe optic neuritis and acute myelitis, and not uncommonly misdiagnosed as MS. Detection of aquaporin-4 autoantibodies (AQP4 Ab) in serum of NMO patients greatly facilitate the diagnosis of NMO and its differentiation from MS. APQ4 is the most abundant water channel protein in mammalian CNS. NMO is more common among Asians with long-term treatments different from that of MS. Prof Chan's research focuses on 1) clinical and radiological features of local MS and NMO patients, 2) development of better assays to detect AQP4 Ab, 3) understanding immunopathogenesis of MS and NMO especially the pathogenic role of AQP4 Ab, 4) development of an ideal animal model of NMO, and 5) development of novel immunomodulatory therapies for MS and NMO. He is particularly interested in the role of regulatory B cells in MS and NMO. He participates in international multi-center trial on new disease modifying therapies for MS and NMO. Among the line of neuroinflammation, he is actively researching on the pathogenetic mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease (AD) focusing on neuroinflammation triggered by beta-amyloid (Aβ) in AD and potential neuroprotective action of adiponectin (an adipokine with anti-inflammatory effects) for AD.

Selected Publications
  1. Chan KH, R Lee, JCY Lee, ACT Tse, SYY Pang, GKK Lau, KC Teo, PWL Ho. Central nervous system inflammatory demyelinating disorders among Hong Kong Chinese. Journal of Neuroimmunology 2013;262:100-105 (JIF 3.10)
  2. Guo Y, Chan KH, Lai WH, Siu CW, Kwan SC, Tse HF, Ho WL, Ho WM. Human mesenchymal stem cells upregulate CD1dhighCD5+ regulatory B cells in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Neuroimmunomodulation 2013;20:294-303 (JIF 2.38)
  3. Chan KH, Lam KSL, Cheng OY, Kwan JSC, Ho PWL, Cheng KKY, Chung SK, Ho JWM, Guo VY, Xu A. Adiponectin is protective against oxidative stress induced cytotoxicity in amyloid-beta neurotoxicity. PLOS ONE 2012;7(12):e52354 (JIF 4.35)
  4. Chan KH, Zhang R, Kwan JSC, Guo VY, Ho PWL, Ho JWM, Chu ACY. Aquaporin-4 autoantibodies cause asymptomatic aquaporin-4 loss and activate astrocytes in mouse. Journal of Neuroimmunology 2012;245:32-38 (JIF 3.10)
  5. Chan KH, Tse CT, Chung CP, Lee R, Kwan JSC, Ho PWL, Ho. JWM Brain involvement of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders. Archives of Neurology 2011;68(11):1432-1439 (JIF 7.58)
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  7. Chan KH, Kwan JSC, Ho PWL, Ho SL, Chui WH, Chu ACY, Ho JWM, Zhang WY, Kung MHW. Aquaporin-4 water channel expression by thymoma of patients with and without myasthenia gravis. Journal of Neuroimmunology 2010, 227, 178-184. (JIF 3.10)
  8. Chan KH, Ramsden DB, Yu YL, Kwok KHH, Chu ACY, Ho PWL, Kwan JSC, Lee R, Lim E, Kung MHW, Ho SL. NMO-IgG in idiopathic inflammatory demyelinating disorders among Hong Kong Chinese. European Journal of Neurology 2009;16:310-316 (JIF 4.17)
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  10. Chan KH, Vernino S, Lennon VA. ANNA-3 Anti-Neuronal Nuclear Antibody: Marker of Lung Cancer Related Autoimmunity. Annals of Neurology 2001;50:301-311 (JIF 11.09)

Grant Record
Project Code/Funding Scheme Project Title/Principal Investigator/Department Approved Amount (HK$)
Novartis competitive grant Study on gray matter involvement in multiple sclerosis using conventional and diffusion kurtosis imaging magnetic resonance imaging 300,000

Key Offices
  • Founding Chairman, Hong Kong Multiple Sclerosis Society
  • Regional Programme Director, Specialty Board in Neurology, Hong Kong College of Physicians
  • Introductory Clerkship Coordinator of MBBS III
  • Secretary of the Hong Kong University Alzheimer Disease Research Network (HKUADRN), LKS Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
  • Member of the Asia Pacific Advisory Board on Use of Intravenous Immunoglobulins in Neurological Diseases
  • Member of the Asia Pacific Expert Group on Myasthenia Gravis

Editorial Board Memberships
  • Open Journal of Immunology
  • Inflammation and Cell Signaling