Network Hospitals

1. Tung Wah Hospital / MacLehose Medical Rehabilitation Centre

Tung Wah Hospital is the second largest Hospital in the Hong Kong West Cluster which provides sub-acute medical services. The Department of Medicine in Tung Wah Hospital has 225 in-patient beds and 85 day-patient places. It is staffed by 6 consultants, 5 associate consultants, 11 residents and 162 nurses.

The Department of Medicine works closely with its counterpart in Queen Mary Hospital and provides service in a comprehensive range of medical sub-specialties including nephrology, cardiology, neurology, rehabilitation medicine, gastroenterology, endocrinology, rheumatology, dermatology, geriatrics and palliative medicine. It also offers Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine service for patients with chronic kidney disease and stroke.

In addition to the provision of general medical in-patient service, the Department of Medicine also operates a Renal Dialysis Center, a Stroke Rehabilitation Unit, a Cardiac Rehabilitation Center, a Diabetes Service Center, a Neuro-diagnostic Laboratory, a Bone Densitometry Laboratory, a Geriatric Day Hospital and a Day Rehabilitation Center.

Tung Wah Hospital is one of the major teaching hospitals of the University of Hong Kong and the Department of Medicine provides bed side teaching for both medical and dental students. It also serves as a training center for basic and advanced trainees of the Hong Kong College of Physicians.

2. Grantham Hospital

GH Cardiac Medical Unit (CMU) has a total of 56 in-patient beds and provides comprehensive cardiology services including adult in-patient cardiac wards including cardiac care unit (CCU), specialist out-patient clinic, cardiac catheterization laboratory and cardiac interventions, non-invasive investigations and cardiac rehabilitation program. It is the tertiary referral center for management of advanced heart failure patients in Hong Kong. Our team works closely with the Cardiothoracic Surgical Department in Queen Mary Hospital for the heart transplant and mechanical circulatory support program including Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD) support in Hong Kong.


The Tuberculosis and Chest Unit (TBCU) of Grantham Hospital is a specialized tuberculosis and respiratory unit providing specialist service to patients with tuberculosis and various other acute or chronic respiratory diseases. Apart from general respiratory services (in-patient and out-patient), TBCU has been designated as the multi-drug resistant TB centre in Hong Kong. In collaboration with Cardiothoracic Surgical Department of Queen Mary Hospital, the unit is running the only Lung Transplant Programme in Hong Kong. TBCU is also responsible for the pulmonary rehabilitation programme in HKWC and a 4-bed Chronic Ventilator Ward service. 

The Geriatric Medical Unit (GMU) commenced its service in Grantham Hospital on 5 February 2004. There was an increase in total number of beds from 38 to 51 geriatric beds in 2017. Patients are mainly transferred from medical wards of Queen Mary Hospital for rehabilitation and convalescent care. Other sources include the A&E Department of Queen Mary Hospital, other units of Grantham Hospital, specialist outpatient clinics and Residential Care Homes for the Elderly served by the Community Care Service Team of the Hong Kong West Cluster, elderly patients referred from Integrated Care and Discharge Support (ICDS) program and Patient Support Call Centre.

To enhance the continuity of care, a Geriatric Specialist Outpatient Clinic was set up in November 2005 for follow-up of patients discharged from Grantham Hospital.  It also provides new case consultative services to other clinical units at Grantham Hospital.

A team of 5 doctors of different levels of experience are posted in GMU by rotation, supervised by 2 Consultant Geriatricians of the HKWC. The Residents rotate through the Basic Physician Training, Advance Internal Medicine Training, and Higher Physician Training in Geriatric Medicine in the networked cluster hospitals under the overall coordination of the Department Head of the University Department of Medicine, Queen Mary Hospital.

3. Fung Yiu King Hospital

Fung Yiu King Hospital (FYKH) is one of the geriatric convalescent and rehabilitation hospitals under the auspices of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. It has been accepting older patients from the Department of Medicine, Queen Mary Hospitals for many years. 

At present there are 86 beds for medical/geriatric convalescence, 24 beds for geriatric inpatient rehabilitation and 61 infirmary beds for long-stay care.  There is also a 26-place Geriatric Day Hospital for comprehensive geriatric care and rehabilitation.  The Hong Kong West Community Geriatric Assessment Team (HKW CGAT) is based at FYKH to provide specialist outpatient geriatric care for Residential Care Home for the Elderly (RCHE) elderly in the Central, Western and Southern Districts of Hong Kong.  It also provides end-of-life care to older residents in RCHEs who have terminal conditions. 


A team of 12 Specialists in Geriatric Medicine in the Hong Kong West Cluster (QMH/FYKH/TWH/GH) serves by rotation in FYKH.  Two Consultants, 3 Associate Consultants and 7 Residents provide clinical care to the patients in FYKH and CGAT. The Residents rotate through the Basic Physician Training and Higher Physician Training in Geriatric Medicine in the networked hospitals to receive training under the overall supervision of the Cluster COS (Medicine) of HK West. Bedside teaching for medical and dental students is also conducted in FYKH.