Continuous Professional Education

Departmental Conference / Events
AJS McFadzean Distinguished Lecture
Professor AJS McFadzean (1914 – 1974), a distinguished physician from Glasgow who became the city’s first post-war and longest serving Professor of Medicine (1948 – 1974), had shaped the way medicine was taught and practiced locally. With his clinical acumen, Professor McFadzean offered countless patients hopes of recovery from their suffering, and inspired generations of astute physicians to continue his legacy in putting Hong Kong medicine on the international map of excellence. His insistence in understanding the scientific basis of health and disease laid the foundation of medical education and research in Hong Kong. To commemorate the achievements and contributions to medicine of Professor McFadzean, the AJS McFadzean Visiting Professorship has been established in the Department of Medicine, School of Clinical Medicine, The University of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Medical Forum (HKMF)
An annual event organized by the Department of Medicine, School of Clinical Medicine. The objective of the HKMF is for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) of different disciplines and subspecialties, through state-of-the-art lectures by local and overseas speakers who are distinguished specialists in their respective fields.

The target audience includes general practitioners, family and specialist physicians, clinicians of other specialties, basic and higher physician trainees, nurses, allied health professionals and medical students.

Medical Research Conference (MRC)
An annual research conference of the Department of Medicine, School of Clinical Medicine aimed at allowing members of the Department, HKU and the community to find out what each other are doing in terms of research thus fostering collaborations and to give our trainees and students a chance to practice their presentation skills.

Educational / Clinical Meeting

Below list the links for educational / clinical meetings of Specialty Divisions and Unit of the Department. If you are interested in attending any of them, please contact the respective Divisional Secretary thru Contact Us for further information.