In-Patient Services

The Department of Medicine is in charge of 395 beds (including 6 Medical ICU Beds) in Queen Mary Hospital (QMH). It is divided into functional General Medical teams, which function very well and provide better training to junior doctors. Using an overflow system, have managed to keep the camp-bed numbers down to a minimum. 

Each team is on-call every fourth day to receive patients from the Department of Accident & Emergency. The intake for each team is about 75 per week, i.e., a total of 300 patients/week of medical A&E admissions. 

There is also admission of clinical cases and re-admission from specialty follow-up clinics. The Department runs a comprehensive specialty service, many at tertiary level. The different types of specialty services offer are listed under the "Specialty Clinical Services" heading further down the page. 

The total number of medical admissions (excluding private patients) for the past few years in QMH are listed as follows: 

Year E Admissions C Admissions Day Admissions Discharge and Deaths
2014 22346 9105 1972 34533
2015 22712 9349 1989 34369
2016 23821 9432 2180 36462
2017 25609 9868 2076 38658
2018 24668 9885 3030 38791
2019 (Jan – Nov) 22966 9721 2372 35791