Bachelor of Medicine &Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

The Department of Medicine, School of Clinical Medicine makes a significant contribution to the undergraduate MBBS programme, with intensive involvement of full, part-time and honorary members in the new curriculum. 

Teaching in medicine covers the principles and practice of general medicine and its specialties, including also general practice/family medicine. Students will learn; through lectures, bedside teaching, case demonstration, outpatient clinics teaching and other modes of instructions and practical work; the basic knowledge and skills in the prevention, diagnosis and management of common medical illness. The course includes clinical rotations at Queen Mary Hospital and other hospitals and outpatient clinics. Students receive instructions on the diagnosis and management of acute medical problems and emergencies, and the medical care of patients from admission to discharge from hospital, including the use of drugs and procedures. 

The Department of Medicine is, School of Clinical Medicine has no or very little involvement with student admissions nor the processing of that information. 

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Elective Attachments for Overseas Medical Students

Applications from overseas undergraduate medical students who wish to spend a clinical elective period in the Department of Medicine, School of Clinical Medicine are considered in the light of the individual applicant's previous training and experience and the capacity of the Department to accept the applicant for the chosen period. In each case evidence in respect of formal approval of the proposal by the Dean of the applicant's medical school is required. 

Programme: Upon acceptance, elective students will normally be arranged to attend teaching sessions and undertake clinical training with the MBBS students under the Year 6 Specialty Clerkship of the Department eg performing clinical clerkships in general internal medicine in Queen Mary Hospital general wards. An application to spend a period working in a specialist or restricted area can only be considered if the proposal is feasible within the existing activities of the Specialty Division or unit. Please indicate on the application form which specialty you wish to join. 

Elective Period: Please refer to the LKS Faculty of Medicine for more details.

Language: The official medium of teaching is English, except under some circumstances where spoken Chinese (i.e. Cantonese, the local dialect) may be used for patient clerking. 

Attire: During elective attachments, students should wear their own laboratory white coats to all sessions, as well as be presentable and dress neatly. Causal attire and footwear such as jeans, T-shirts, sports shoe, sandals and so forth are not allowed. 

Code of Conduct: Elective students are expected to observe the following code of conduct of behaviour in public areas where teaching and learning takes place, eg libraries, lecture theatres, tutorial rooms, seminar rooms, laboratories, clinical skills laboratories and wards, etc: 


  1. No food and drink in the above-mentioned venues, except under special circumstances with the permission of the Faculty, the departments or the responsible units (eg during functions and meetings).
  2. Pagers and mobile phones switched to silent mode during class.
  3. No littering.
  4. Proper demeanour during contact with patients, and at learning sessions with simulation of patient contact, such as clinical skills and CIPS (e.g. clean and tidy attire, no flip flops, slippers or vests, no chewing gum, etc).


Your teachers, tutors, instructors, as well as Faculty and departmental staff may ask you to leave the venues if your behaviour is found to be disturbing to teaching and learning. 

Enquiries & Application Forms

All applications, admissions and the processing of that information are done by the Faculty of Medicine. Any further general enquiries on eligibility, method of application, accommodation, visa application, insurance etc and copies of application forms are available from the Faculty of Medicine homepage (website : https://www.med.hku.hk/en/Teaching-and-Learning/Elective-Attachment

Please return completed application forms and direct any further queries to the Faculty of Medicine.

NOTE: The application form must be submitted 12 months in advance of the commencement of the proposed elective period. Late applications will not be accepted or considered under any circumstances. 

Application Results: The Faculty of Medicine will notify applicants in writing of their application results within 3 months after submitting the application forms.