Project Staff
1. Research on diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia. We investigate the values of different blood, csf and neuroimaging biomarkers in Alzheimer’s disease, using a 6-year prospective longitudinal design. Prof. LW Chu
2. Hormonal intervention in aging: Investigation of the clinical values of hormonal intervention in Alzheimer’s disease, in particular the use of testosterone in pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) Prof. LW Chu
3. Clinical trials of new drugs in  Alzheimer’s disease and aging, in collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies, current study include masitinib in Alzheimer’s disease (with the company AB Sciences) Prof. LW Chu, Dr. Patrick Chiu, Dr. May Chan, Dr. YF Shea, Dr. Fei Chan
4. Falls in the Elderly Prof. LW Chu
5. Advance directive survey in the elderly people Prof. LW Chu, Dr. Patrick Chiu, Dr. James Luk,
6. Vascular dementia, stroke and frailty in elderly people Prof. LW Chu
7. Unplanned readmission and other health services research Prof. LW Chu, Prof. Felix Chan
8. Rehabilitation of elderly patient Dr. James Luk, Prof. Felix Chan
9. Influenza vaccination and infectious diseases in long term care homes Dr. TC Chan, Prof, LW Chu, Prof. Felix Chan, Dr. James Luk, Dr. Patrick Chiu

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