• Coronary heart disease: prevention and percutaneous revascularisation of stable ischaemic syndromes; epidemiology and treatment of acute coronary syndromes, and platelet resistance.   
  • Cardiac pacing: new developments in pacing therapy for treatment of heart failure and cardiac arrhythmia.   
  • Cardiac arrhythmia: innovative energy sources for catheter ablation, transvenous defibrillation and implantable device for treatment of atrial fibrillation; patch clamp study on ionic channels in atrial fibrillation and heart failure related arrhythmogenic potential.  
  • Heart failure: hormonal changes and animal models of heart failure; cardiac resynchronization therapy.  
  • Hypertension: left ventricular hypertrophy regression and salt balance.   
  •  Angiogenesis and cell repair: cell therapy to create new vessels and myocardium in humans and large animals.   
  • Cardiac muscle engineering: gene knock-out study on differentiation of myocytes into cardiac myocytes.