EDM HK Nursing Workshop

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Hong Kong (EDM HK) 2024 Nursing Workshop

Theme: A Diabetes and Endocrine workshop specially organized for Nurses

Date: 16 Mar 2024 & 23 Mar 2024 (2 Saturdays)

1) Physical attendance for whole event (lectures and interactive workshop) (16 Mar 2024 09:00 -18:00 & 23 Mar 2024 09:00-17:30)
2) Zoom lectures only (16 Mar 2024 09:00 -15:45 & 23 Mar 2024 09:00-15:15)

Venue: Lecture Theatre LT1 and seminar rooms, William M.W. Mong Block, 21, Sassoon Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong.


Organizing Committee
Dr. Paul CH Lee


Prof. Karen SL Lam
Prof. Kathryn CB Tan
Dr. W S Chow
Dr. YC Woo
Dr. TP Ip
Dr. Alan CH Lee
Dr. David TW Lui
Dr. Eunice KH Leung
Dr. Johnny YC Chang
Dr. Chariene SL Woo
Dr. Lawrence CK Tang
Dr. Ivan KM Ma
Ms. Karen KC Wong
Ms. Amy SW Yee
Ms. Tina WT Lau
Ms. Carmen SK Leung
Ms. Connie HN Loong
Ms. Michelle HY Lee
Ms. Karen WY Lau

16 March 2024 (Saturday)
Lectures (For both physical attendees and zoom participants)
0900 – 0945 The Different Types of Diabetes
• Is my patient type 1? type 2? LADA? Ketosis-prone diabetes? Hepatogenous? Type 3c?
Dr Paul Lee
0945 – 1030 Acute Diabetic Complications
• What are the essential principles of managing DKA, HHS and hypoglycaemia?
Dr David Lui
1030 – 1130 Pharmacological Management of Type 2 Diabetes in 2024 • How to select the best anti-diabetic agent for my patient? Dr YC Woo
1130 - 1145 Break  
1145 – 1215 Common Thyroid Disorders – Thyrotoxicosis
• Is your patient having Graves’ disease?
Dr Johnny Chang
1215 – 1300 Updates in the Pharmacological Management of Osteoporosis
• Should my patient be put on oral or injectables for osteoporosis?
Dr TP Ip
1415 – 1445 Diabetic Kidney Disease
• From urine protein quantification to handling glycaemic fluctuations in patients on dialysis
Dr Maggie Mok
1445 – 1515 Diabetes and the Heart
• The newer anti-thrombotic and anti-platelet therapy for cardiac diseases
Dr Emmanual Wong
1515 – 1545 What exercise is good for my patient? • Prescribing exercise recommendations across different patients Mr Ben Kong

Interactive workshop (For physical attendees only)
1600 – 1800 (Two circuits) Room 1: Technology to help Achieve the Glycaemic Targets
• What are the glycaemic targets?
• Self-monitoring of blood glucose vs. continuous glucose monitoring?
Ms Karen Wong
Ms Michelle Lee
  Room 2: Injectables for Diabetes Treatment
• Are all patients able to handle penfill injection?
Ms Karen Lau
Ms Carmen Leung
  Room 3: Screening for Chronic Diabetic Complications
• What is included in a comprehensive screening program?
Ms Amy Yee
Ms Tina Lau
  Room 4: Medical Nutrition Therapy
• Should my patient practise intermittent fasting or ketogenic diet?
Mr Brian Fan
Mr Ivan Ho

23 March 2024 (Saturday)
Lectures (For both physical attendees and zoom participants)
0900 – 0930 Diabetes and Pregnancy
• What is gestational diabetes?
Dr KW Cheung
0930 – 1000 Common Thyroid Disorders – Hypothyroidism
• Is it just about thyroxine replacement?
Dr Chariene Woo
1000 – 1045 Case Sharing – Diabetes
• Common pitfalls in diabetes management from a nursing perspective
Dr WS Chow
Ms Tina Lau
1045 - 1100 Break
1100 – 1130 Diabetes as a Chronic Disease Model
• What are the key nursing principles?
Dr Mandy Ho
1130 - 1215 Case Sharing – Endocrine disorders
• Overview of common endocrine tests in the general ward
Dr Eunice Leung
Ms Carmen Leung
1330 – 1400 Diabetic eye diseases • Is it just diabetic retinopathy? Dr Angie Fong
1400 – 1430 What Nurses should know about Thyroid Function Tests? • Why doctors order TSH, fT4, or both? Dr Alan Lee
1430 – 1515 Managing diabetes in children and adolescents • Challenges and clinical pearls in paediatrics endocrinology Dr Joanna Tung

Interactive workshop (For physical attendees only)
1530 – 1730 (Two circuits) Room 1:
Diabetes Education and Sick Day Management
• What should be included in diabetes education?
Ms Karen Wong
Ms. Carmen Leung
  Insulin Titration • What to do if my patient is having a travel plan? Ms Amy Yee
Ms Tina Lau
  Room 2:
Screening for Osteoporosis
• How to choose between ultrasound or DXA scan?
Ms Connie Loong
Ms Michelle Lee
  Foot care in Diabetes
• How to identify patients with diabetes at risk of foot complications?
Ms HY Chung
Ms KT Yeung

Applications CNE accreditation for local delegates are in progress.



Date and Time

Registration Fee

Physical attendance for whole course (lectures and interactive workshop)

16 Mar 2024 (Sat) 09:00 -18:00 & 23 Mar 2024 (Sat) 09:00-17:30


Zoom lectures only

16 Mar 2024 (Sat) 09:00 -15:45 & 23 Mar 2024 (Sat) 09:00-15:15)



We accept online registrations only. Please click here to register and send a crossed cheque of appropriate registration fee made payable to “The University of Hong Kong” (Please write your name and contact phone number at the back of the cheque) to Workshop Secretariat within two weeks to your registration. Deadline of registration is 11 Feb 2024 (Sunday).

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EDM HK 2024 Nursing Workshop Secretariat:
Address: PB306, Professorial Block, Queen Mary Hospital, 102, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 22554704
Email: edmhknursingworkshop@gmail.com

Confirmation email will be sent to you for successful registration. All registration fees paid are non-refundable.